Thursday, 10 January 2013

Paper Two

Okay, so, this was in the same format as paper one - the final four questions which continued to test us on the different areas we'd covered in semester one. Five questions need to be passed overall from the eight we've done since Tuesday. On the whole, I felt this paper was much nicer than Tuesday's, but because I've never done medicine exams before, I'm not sure if I'd like to say with any degree of certainty if I think I've passed or not - these kind of exams are something totally new for me, so I'm not sure if I did amazingly, but I guess I'll find out over the next few weeks.

Question 5

A mixture of public health and anatomy. Generally alright, no massive problems but realised I may have screwed up a couple of the finer anatomical details. Don't ever expect to see me doing the MRCS is all I can say!

Question 6

A mixture of medical sociology and public health questions. No real problems here, but the thing with medical sociology is that on the surface it just appears to be a load of waffle - but in actual fact you need to mention some very specific phrases and concepts to get the marks. I hope I've managed to do this, but I guess we'll see.

Question 7

Best question in the entire exam, from both papers. Pure biochemistry. The good thing about biochemistry is that it's either right or wrong. You either know the pathways and reactions involved or you don't. This is pretty much the only question I can say I think I've passed with any degree of certainty and without feeling like I'm being a cocky bastard.

Question 8

A mixture of questions on physiology and medical sociology. Once again, with the physiology you either know if you've got it right or wrong, there aren't tonnes of isolated, random details to memorise like with anatomy. So I think I did alright on this question but again, we'll see. After exams I always get this feeling in the back of my mind that even though I think I gave the right answers, in reality I was barking up the wrong tree and wrote down totally irrelevant stuff. It's pretty crazy.

Final thoughts

Well that concludes my first experience of pre-clinical medicine exams. Luckily these exams are formative so it's supposed to be a good learning experience rather than something to worry about getting kicked out over. That said, I still hope I've passed. I'd really, really like that, it would show that the work I've been putting in over the past few months has been on the right lines and it would be a nice little confidence boost at the start of the new term, but if I haven't I guess the only thing I can do is try and figure out what went wrong so I don't repeat the same mistakes next time. It's weird to think that there are two more sets of pre-clinical exams this year, and that if I pass them, this time next year I'll be doing clinical medicine. It seems much closer now than it did in September. Anyway, now I get to relax for a few days before starting semester 2, something I fully intend to do!


  1. hey, so glad exams are over for both us! seems like they went better for you than they did for me :) when do you get results?? good luck!

  2. Hey. Yep very happy indeed! Not sure when we get our results back, should be in two or three weeks I think. I'll definitely be moaning about it all on here though, don't worry :P Best of luck with your results too if you haven't already got them.