Monday, 24 June 2013

Year 1 results

So my written exams finished just over 3 weeks ago, and my OSCEs were over and done with about two weeks ago. Then came the part I hate the most about exams: the waiting. Mostly because for me that involves being much grumpier than usual, sleeplessness, feeling on edge a lot, etc. However, I'm very happy to report that I've managed to pass the first year of graduate entry medicine! My marks are as follows:

Paper 1: 9/10 SAQ sets passed
Paper 2: 10/10 SAQ sets passed
OSCEs: 9/10 stations passed

Because of the fact that at my medical school we pass or fail exams based on the number of individual SAQ sets we've passed (as opposed to raw percentage), it's often hard to tell after an exam how you've done, and whether you've passed enough SAQ sets to pass overall. That's mostly where all the anxiety and sleeplessness comes from! The pass mark this year was 13/20, so I'm really, really happy to have got 19/20 as it is a solid pass and has given me the confidence to go into the first term of year 2 (i.e. the final semester of pre-clinical medicine) knowing that my method of revising and studying seems to be working and yielding results. So if I keep at it next semester, hopefully I can continue to do well. My studying method was something I was unsure about during the last term of year 1, so to have that reassurance now is very comforting indeed!

Next term I will be doing (for me) the most difficult modules of all including the dreaded neuro (which I shied away from throughout my BSc), and the final pre-clinical exam is scheduled for early December and it will test us on everything taught throughout year 1 and year 2. To say that it will be a challenging term would be an understatement, but I am hopeful that after a restful summer holiday I can go back to med school and work hard for another term, hopefully pass exams, and finally be able to hit the wards and clinics in January 2014 as a clinical med student!

Thank you to everyone for all the supportive comments you've left throughout the year, and I hope you all receive the results you want over the coming weeks!

PS: In case you were wondering I failed the breast examination station in my OSCE.


  1. Phenomenal results!!!!!!! Don't worry about Neuro, you'll clearly be great :) Fancy sharing your tips on revision?

  2. Congrats! All that hard work has obviously paid off.
    When you start 2nd year- hope you get a nice long break to recover after the stress of exams! :)

  3. Congratulations! Wonderful news!!!!

  4. YAY ~ Awesome news grumpy! Congrats on the results - enjoy your short summer deserve it! Not long now until clinical years (clearly, the best years) :)

  5. Congratulations :) Enjoy your summer x

  6. Cheers everyone, yeah I'm really happy with these results!

    @vulcanus2: I think the most important thing was to start revision early and to keep doing it regularly, rather than relying on cramming. We had one month Easter holiday in which I think I did about 2.5 weeks of revision. Then we had a 4 week teaching block, so I had to keep up with the new classes and also somehow fit in an hour or two of revision each night. If I'd stopped revising during that teaching block I think I would have forgotten everything, so instead I just kept going over the same things over and over again over those few weeks. It was really dull but it seems like most of it managed to stick - I just hope I can continue to do well next term :D