Saturday, 21 December 2013

Year 2 results

We finished our year 2 exams early last week and we got our results yesterday - and I am extremely relieved to be able to say that I've managed to pass into the next phase of the course! After the pass list was published, we were sent our individual scores, and this was how mine looked:

Papers 1 and 2: 17/20 SAQ sets passed - pass mark: 13
OSCEs: 7/10 stations passed - pass mark: 7

We didn't get these scores until much later in the afternoon, so initially all I knew was that I had passed, but not by how much. For the first 20 minutes after checking the pass list at the med school, I couldn't even smile, all I could do was literally shake with relief. I think this was because on Wednesday I had to go to a meeting at the med school which you have to go to if you have mitigating circumstances (I've had some health and accommodation issues over the past few months) and if your score is judged to be a fail or borderline. As it happens, my OSCE score is borderline, so that's why I had to go to the meeting - but at the meeting they couldn't give away any details about what I might have failed, so I spent the next three days stressing about having to resit everything and I even started revising again, which was really stressful and not what I wanted to be doing at all.

I'm just so happy I can put that all behind me now...because this term has been really stressful in so many ways, but the most stressful thing has definitely been these exams and the prospect of doing resits. Now that that's over, I think I can concentrate on sorting out the other stuff in my life with much less difficulty, which makes me very happy indeed. This will also be the first Christmas holiday since 2008 which I won't be in work or studying - and I fully intend to take advantage of that and unwind a bit!

This result also means that I will be a clinical med student as of January, something that I am really looking forward to! We don't hit the wards right away; firstly we have an induction programme, then a community medicine project thing to complete, but as of late February I should be starting my first rotations, something which really, really excites me since this is the part of medical school which I have been most looking forward to since day 1!

Good luck to everyone else who's had exams and results and I hope you all have a nice holiday!


  1. Amazing news, congratulations! :)
    Sounds like a very stressful few days for you though- hope you have a relaxing Christmas break, and welcome to the clinical years!

  2. Congratulations - really hope you enjoy your holiday. When I did my MSc, we didn't have January exams and I enjoyed the holiday so much more when I didn't feel guilty for not revising.

  3. Congratulations! Presumably there'll be some more year 2 exams at some point though?

  4. Super chuffed for you :) So glad things are working out.

  5. Grumpy!

    I've been so busy with things I haven't had time to stalk, er.. i mean read your blog, and now i'm back to hear you're finally a clinical medical student! Congrats!!!

    Clinical years are by far the best years at medical school, and I can't wait to read your posts :) I still remember palpating my first ever hepatomegaly haha. Really looking forward to reading your clinical year posts!

    Good Luck Grumpy!

  6. Congratulations Grumpy -- this is an incredibly inspiring blog you've got here. Enjoy the time off :)

  7. Thanks everyone! God I need to log onto and update this thing more regularly :P