Friday, 26 September 2014

Third year and the rest of second year

Block: Cardiology, week 4

So...I'm not really sure how to get back into the swing of this thing after 7 months. I don't even know why I stopped posting on here...I think it's because things just became a bit overwhelming in my personal life a few months ago, and I just couldn't figure out my own thoughts well enough to attempt to put them across on here. I had a bit of writer's block's not that anything I have to say is particularly meaningful or deep, but I don't want to just post for the sake of posting, if you see what I mean.

Right. So. What's been going on since February? Well I finished that community medicine placement and was launched into my first clinical rotations. Here's what I think of them so far. In general, I've found them all (with one notable exception) to be interesting and engaging, but I can't imagine doing any of them for a career.


The description given here is very apt - the range of conditions is interesting and wide but I couldn't spend the rest of my life doing endoscopy. It was during this block that I first realised how much I dislike outpatient clinics and my non-existent attention span.


Kill it with fire. I hated this particular specialty with a venom I've never felt during medical school and having to attend the million and one boring, endless clinics for it each week (complete with a sign in sheet, of course) made me experience Vietnam style flashbacks to the torture of attending first year biomed cell biology labs hungover week after week.


Generally very interesting stuff. I had been apprehensive about this one before starting it as I hadn't really enjoyed my renal module during pre-clin, but the surgery side of it was good. But during this surgery block I again realised how limited my attention span is - I don't think I would be very suited to being a surgeon and standing still in one spot for hours each week getting through operating lists.

Vascular surgery

The triple As were a lie, it's all about the triple Fs: feet, feet, feet.


Genuinely very interesting patients and conditions, but Jesus, so much talking. I'd miss the practical aspects of medicine too much (as well as the basic science which I spent nearly two years trying to cram into my head). Also...a bit too..."social work-y" for me at times.


At the moment I'm back on another medical block...but again all that's being confirmed to me is that I just don't have the fascination or interest in any single body system or organ to wish to devote the rest of my working life to it. I also really dislike the routine, sedentary nature of outpatient clinics, something else which is putting me off from a lot of specialties.

A couple of times, starting in my first block, when there was been nothing happening on my ward I went down to A&E and clerked in some patients there. Before starting med school I had thought of doing A&E, then during pre-clin I went off it and pretty much picked a new specialty each week...but now I think I want to do A&E again. That's not to say it doesn't have its own disadvantages...but each time I've been down there I've never experienced a dull moment. In fact, I enjoyed it so much I'm currently trying to arrange my elective in emergency hopefully once I've done that I'll have an even better idea of whether or not it's for me.

I think that's all for now, I think I'll have to be a bit more regular at updating this thing (if anyone's even still reading it!).

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